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Tyskegård exudes a special energy through its peace and seclusion. We also use this inspiring atmosphere to come together and have an impact on Tyskegård with people in different areas.

OFFER in May 2021


Holistic Detox Retreat

Do you fancy the adventure of meeting yourself - in peace and quiet in the midst of energizing nature?


From May 22nd til 29th we offer a 7-day Holistic Detox Retreat on Tyskegaard, Bornholm. Our one-week program is about the inner journey to yourself. With a healing fiber program in connection with several days of silence and accompanying measures, you initiate a unique cleansing and clearing process for your body, soul and spirit.


  • Saturday, May 22nd : Arrival by 3 p.m., medical examination and individual discussion about the objective. Then process initiation in the group, framing the week and eating the last meal together.

  • Sunday, May 23rd : Relief and purification day, active relief of the body through natural (vegetable) elimination of all food residues in preparation for fasting & activation of the detoxification organs.

  • Monday to Thursday, May 24th-27th : Holistic Detox Fasting & Silence, effective detoxification by removing acids and waste products. The fasting & silent days are accompanied by morning meditations, walks in nature, individual reflection questions and evening rituals around the campfire in silence. On request we offer saunas by the sea. During these days, people will neither eat, speak, make phone calls nor communicate online. There is absolute silence. There will be a daily consultation hour for urgent matters.

  • Friday, May 28th : Breaking fast and breaking silence together. Activation of digestive energy and preparation for the build-up days with a nutrition plan.

  • Saturday, May 29th : Re-vitalization phase and individual final ritual. Afterwards departure or ...


  • Sunday, May 30th : if you wish, you can have another day at your disposal.

During the one-week program, you will receive medical and therapeutic support from Michael Haensch, doctor and psychotherapist. In order to ensure appropriate support and an optimal result for you, we have limited the number of participants to 6 people.


Our fasting cure is based on a further development of the Buchinger fasting , in which only water, vegetable broth and herbal teas are consumed. We also use coconut water to stimulate the metabolism and to substitute minerals. All of our detox and colon cleansing treatments are based on purely ecological and plant-based components, which makes the cure particularly easy to tolerate. The vegetable broths, herbal teas and the supplementary food are prepared by us with regional and purely ecological products.


Seminar fee: € 1,250 plus VAT for 7 days . You can find all details about the seminar location Tyskegård here on our website.


Have we sparked your interest? Feel free to contact us and we will answer all your questions in a personal conversation.

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